I Provide Clean and Balanced Music Mixing to Industry Standards For Pop & Dance Artists

Bringing clarity, excitement, and separation to your demos.

Mixes That Bring Your Songs to Life

As an artist, you want to work with a mixing engineer who understands your vision. Having an engineer on your team who wants to see you succeed will make you feel reassured and confident that your ideas will reach their full potential. As an experienced producer and mixing engineer, I can help breathe life into your track and bring it up to industry standards.

A 100% Online Music Mixing Service

Working with an online mixing engineer removes the time constraints that come with hiring someone in-house. It also keeps your costs low, as you don’t need to pay studio rent in addition to a mixing engineer’s time.

I work from my home studio in Edinburgh and I have a thorough process for ensuring that your songs sonically match your reference tracks.  And of course, if you’re in Edinburgh (or happen to be visiting), we can meet face-to-face in one of the various studios I use in the city.

Listen to Some Before/After Examples of My Song Mixing

These tracks have been rendered at the same loudness (LUFS) levels for a consistent comparison. The ‘before’ tracks are demo versions without without processing. The ‘after’ tracks are fully processed, mixed and panned. Both the before and after tracks are without mastering.






A Simple, Straightforward Mixing Process

1. Discovery

We’ll sit down with a coffee (or something stronger) over Zoom and we’ll chat about how you want your track(s) to sound. I’ll listen to your reference tracks and previous releases and we can talk about what you hope to achieve with the tracks.


3. Mixing and approval

I’ll get to work on your mix using your reference tracks as a guide. I’ll pay attention to the frequency spectrum, the dynamics, time-based audio effects, and panning. I use a range of premium plugins and approaches to bring out the best in your recording.


3. Files Prepared for Mastering

Once you’ve approved the final mix, I’ll prepare your track to send to a mastering engineer. I’ll ensure that the tracks have the right amount of headroom, and I’ll render as many different versions of the track as you need. I generally recommend preparing a full track, an instrumental, and an instrumental + backing vocals for live performances.

Latest Releases

What Artists Say About Working With Me...

''Very Reliable & Friendly''

‘It was lovely working with Jamie. Very reliable, friendly and professional! I really appreciate the efforts that came from his side and would love to work together again soon.’

Jiliaan, Pop Artist

''Exactly What I Wanted''

‘Jamie made a great instrumental production for me, he was very open to making tweaks until it was exactly how I wanted it, would definitely work with him again!’

Lauren St James, Vocalist, Songwriter, Topliner, Artist


''Values the Artists''

‘I’ve mastered several songs for Jamie, and a key takeaway, other than how talented he is, is how much he values the artists and musicians he collaborates with. He’s always eager to learn more about the mastering process and how to achieve the best results. It is very easy for me to recommend his services.’

JTM Mixing & Mastering


''A Fantastic Producer''

‘Jamie is a fantastic producer and songwriter. He collaborates with an open mind and brings fresh ideas to every session. On the songwriting side I’ve written two tracks with him so far and I’m really proud of both. He is reliable and focused… so valuable in a co-writer. On the production side, Jamie has great creativity and ideas – but he also listens to his co-writers and is willing to give everything a try to ensure he’s serving the song as best he can. I cannot recommend him enough.’

Michelle Suzanne, Vocalist, Songwriter, Artist

''A Dedicated Professional'

‘Had a ball collaborating with Jamie, he made an instrumental production for one of my toplines. He is such a dedicated professional and a pleasure to work with’.

Juliette Louise, Vocalist, Songwriter, Artist

''An Exceptional Individual'

‘Jamie is an exceptional individual! He listens to feedback and always wants you to get the best possible mix, I highly recommend him!!’.

ShaunTheFlame, Artist

''Made Me Feel At Ease''

‘A very kind, and hardworking sound producer. Made me feel at ease. The process, and the finished track was a smooth journey. Delighted with my single “I Do It My Way” – Jamie is magic! :)’.

Angel May, Artist


How much does music mixing cost?

Full track mixing with vocals costs £150 per track. For EPs of up to 6 tracks, I offer a 10% discount on the total cost. And for albums of more than 7 tracks, I’ll produce a song for free.

Will you master my track too?

The cost doesn’t include mastering. I always recommend using a separate mastering engineer so that your track benefits from a second pair of ears. Once you’re 100% happy with the mix, I can prepare it for mastering. I work closely with several mastering engineers and can introduce you. Alternatively, you can use your own engineer.

What files will you send me?

Once you’ve approved the final mix, I can send as many different versions of the track as you like. I typically recommend having a full track, an instrumental, and a version with background vocals only for live performance. I’ll also send you the full stems of the track.

How does the online part work?

Like a charm. To kick things off, we can chat over Zoom and discuss your ideas. I’ll then send you demos and mixes for feedback via Google Drive. You can email me your notes and we can chat things through in more detail over Zoom. I can share my screen and we can make adjustments in real time too.

How many rounds of revisions are included?

You’ll have unlimited revisions. I’ll keep working on the track until you’re 100% happy with how it sounds. Typically, artists approve tracks after 3 or 4 rounds, but every artist and every song is different.

What software and gear do you use?

My DAW of choice is Reaper. I’m primarily and electronic producer, and I have a suite of premium plugins from leading brands that will make your tracks shine. I also have an array of instruments that can be used on your track if required. Most of my productions are done ‘in the box’, on AKG K702 headphones, and I use M-Audio BX5 studio monitors for referencing.

Let's Chat About Your Project

Plugins and skills are one thing, being on the same wavelength is another. Drop me an email, and let’s sit down with a coffee over Zoom.